How risk assessments are structured

Occupational safety as guarantor for work security is one of the core duties of the employer. An important basis of this occupational health and safety is thus the risk assessment. It thereby creates the basis for the fine-tuning of all occupational safety measures. But how are risk assessments constructed? With OiRA the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and SYSLAB.COM provide an Internet platform with standardized industry-specific tools for risk assessment.

Occupational safety means employee satisfaction

Occupational safety pays off, because lesser accidents at work occur and fewer employees drop out due to ill effects in an employee welfare and safety environment. Hence occupational safety is the basis of a satisfied and productive workforce. But it does not come of its own accord.

The beginning of a functioning occupational health and safety must therefore be the risk assessment. Thus every industry has its own specific risks. How are risk assessments constructed that are accurate for my industry and my business? – You will ask yourself this question, if you are a health and safety officer and must evaluate the risk areas. A guide listing assessment criteria that suit your needs would certainly be useful.

One such guide has been created with OiRA by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and SYSLAB.COM. Hence using the tools of the online platform you create a risk assessment that envisages the entire operational process and gives your company legal certainty in terms of occupational safety.

OiRA: The Guide to Legal Certainty

How are risk assessments structured? –  You do not have to pose this question as a health and safety officer, if you use OiRA to create the risk assessment for your company. The tool first of all helps you to identify all areas of your industry, for which a risk assessment needs to be performed. Furthermore simple and clear questions will direct your attention to the relevant evaluation criteria.

Additional information supports your knowledge and helps you to answer the questionnaire expertly. OiRA also provides legal bases for the individual assessment fields. Hence your advantage: You can see at a glance, which work areas in which differentiation have to be subjected to a risk assessment and create your answers on a legal basis.

Your manager for the risk assessment

The question “How are risk assessments constructed?” is not answered solely by the assessment of risk factors. OiRA above all helps you to identify work areas and to determine and assess hazards. The Internet platform of the European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health and SYSLAB.COM also helps you to define occupational safety measures and to document and verify their implementation.

As a result this will give you a risk assessment manager, who will keep you informed and structured. So request a demo and get an impression of the OiRA performance. We are happy to answer your questions by phone or email.