Identify special hazards in the automotive industry

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has determined numerous special risks for the automotive industry. It is first of all the responsibility of the employer, as part of his fiduciary duty, to ensure that the work environment is as risk-free as possible. He must therefore record all health risks and burdens, using the risk assessment as basis. Hence the more thorough and proper it is carried out, the better occupational safety and health measures can take effect.

Risks are not uncommon in the automotive industry

Engineer tablet control the production of factory parts manufacturing industry robots and mechanical arm[/caption]In its regular employee survey, BAuA focused on special hazards in the automotive industry. All aspects that have been examined by BAuA in the automotive industry are relevant for the risk assessment. Most noteworthy 60 percent of respondents suffer from high pressure to perform, while 50 percent of the employees have to look after several jobs at the same time.

Almost half of them do not have any opportunity for self-organization in their work plan. Especially the physical hazards are big in the automotive industry. Lifting heavy loads, working under noise or exposure to gases are common and must consequently be included in the risk assessment. As a result, 54 percent of all respondents report chronic back pain.

Good safety at work, satisfied workforce

Smiling mechanic portrait[/caption]The employer is required by law to provide for occupational safety. Hence properly implemented measures against danger serves the organization of work processes and health of the employees. If you as an employer succeed in putting occupational health and safety on a solid footing with a professional risk assessment, you will therefore be rewarded by a happier, more productive workforce with fewer illness failures.

However, a good risk assessment in a complex industry such as the automotive industry needs a systematic approach that covers all hazards. With OiRA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and SYSLAB.COM have created an Internet platform that provides standardized tools for occupational health and safety.

Professional risk assessment with OiRA

OiRA has been developed by occupational physicians and industry experts. So with OiRA you save a lot of work and make sure that you do not forget any aspect of your risk assessment for the automotive industry.

The risks and sources of risk are pre-structured by OiRA. You can thereby click on the individual assessment criteria, give your assessment for the specific workplace and additionally receive information on legal bases and special terms.

OiRA honors occupational safety and health as a whole and helps you to not overlook anything. Hence a successful risk assessment in the automotive industry does not stop with the full description of the risks. Once you have identified the work areas and assessed the risks, you must also define occupational safety measures, perform them and assess their effectiveness.

The clearly arranged OiRA platform furthermore supports you in this regard. No information is lost. The professional risk assessment in the automotive industry needs an experienced manager. With OiRA you increase legal security in occupational safety.

Take a look at OiRA!

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