The importance of occupational safety for companies and employees

Sufficient occupational safety is a prerequisite for every company and its employees to prevent accidents and long-term work-related illnesses. Hence the importance of occupational safety quickly becomes clear, since around 270 million accidents occur at work worldwide each year: more than 870,000 in Germany in 2017. Around 2.2 million people furthermore die from accidents at work and work-related illnesses.

The responsibility for occupational safety is borne by the companies

Companies are responsible for occupational safety. They must therefore implement and comply with the legal provisions. If necessary, they can operate their own occupational health and safety management, under whose umbrella all personal, technical and organizational measures are summarized. Thus the aim of this management is to prevent accidents and to minimize any consequences.

Also, the prevention of occupational acute and chronic diseases falls into this area. On the one hand, to enable people-friendly work and, on the other hand, to avoid high consequential costs of accidents for your company. The importance of occupational safety and health must above all be firmly anchored in the consciousness of every management and health and safety representative.

A risk assessment for every workplace

The Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates the preparation of a risk assessment for every single workplace, which must include both possible physical and psychological burdens. Companies that take the importance of occupational safety seriously consequently do this task with the appropriate care.

However, the administrative burden on mid-sized and large enterprises can quickly become significant and tie down resources that should be more readily available to the actual business. Hence the OiRA software tool cover all essential areas of occupational safety.

Enter, process and evaluate a risk assessment online

With the Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) you can keep an overview of your occupational safety measures at any time and from anywhere, without having to use other software or forms on paper.

Sources of hazards can thereby be captured on your mobile device at the workstation and fed into the system, so that the data is directly available in digital form and does not have to be copied or transferred again. When creating a risk assessment, you can furthermore query, change, complete and evaluate every single process in no time at all.

Legally secure documentation

OiRA offers a wide selection of templates and modules that help you organize your work easily. At the same time, the usage ensures that you fully comply with the legal requirements, because OiRA documents your measures in absolute legal certainty.