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More safety, less paper.
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OiRA helps large organisations to easily create and conduct their risk assessments by providing a modern and time saving front end covering all operational and legal needs and is simple and stress free so that your users will love to use it.


Do you have…

Outdated, incomplete or unretrievable risk assessments?

Does it worry you…

Unclear word templates? Not knowing which  is the right one? More red tape?

Upcoming Audit?

Will you make the audit? Legal consequences on injury? Are the assessments correct?

What's your status?

Are your assessments up to date? Is your staff trained? What happens on accident?

OiRA is a simple and easy way to stay up to date and keep control

Create your templates online

Easy and intuitive creation of risk assessments in the editor. You can create modules, submodules and optional modules to structure risks, provide explanation, law and good practice examples.

Do the assessment

In simple steps you identify the risks, evaluate them and define measures to remedy the risks. Use your computer, tablet or mobile phone on site.

Quick reporting

Various reports give you a direct overview here you stand and what you still have to do.  Once done, print the final report and submit to the authorities or auditors.


 Here are some important reasons why OiRA saves time and money.

Export of training material

Deposit training content and export training presentation for all risks later.

XML import and export

All templated data can be imported as XML and also exported again.

Proposal for measures

As an editor you can save measures from good practice as a suggestion.

Module and Policies

Design your risk assessment flexibly via modules and policies.

Reminder function

Receive automatic notification, if your risk assessment needed review.


Export the whole report, only the action plan or statistics.


OiRA is already available in 18 languages, more are being added.


Revise your templates and preview versions.

User Directories

Large companies can connect OiRA to their Internal ActiveDirectory or LDAP.
“I was very worried that this is a measure that only brings us more paperwork again, but with this it actually goes faster and saves a lot of paperwork.”
Peter Bürger

Occupational safety specialist

It works like this…

  • Safety experts create risk assessment templates easily and flexibly online.
  • Local managers conduct the risk assessment for their location online,  based on templates and using any device.
  • Once done, they publish the final assessment and optionally create the report.
  • If training is necessary, they download the slides or train staff right within the tool.


  • Already more than 66,000 risk assessments created
  • Stable and in use for 8 years
  • Use at EU level and in the member states
  • Successful tool for reducing bureaucracy
  • No technical requirements necessary. Runs in all modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • Multilingualism – available in 18 languages
  • Reminder function
  • Export of the finished report
  • XML import and export
  • Enterprisefunction: Connection to user directories and single-sign-on.


  • No need for a desktop: Answer all the questions on-the-spot using a tablet or smartphone. 
  • Download the training material for your employees right away.
  • Share completed risk assessments with your employees
  • Ease the process by picking measures from a list of good practice examples.

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